About us

About me

Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. My name is Tom and I have been listening to music for an extensive period of time. In fact, it is almost certain that my mother allowed me to listen to music, while I was in the womb. Regardless of the musical genre or the musician, I can truly jam out to nearly anything. I understand that there are many starving artists out there and many of them are unable to afford the audio software needed to enhance their music to a professional level. I wholeheartedly hope to be able to provide these individuals with the software needed to elevate their music to a whole new level.

A Handful Of Goals

As mentioned above, I absolutely love music and would strongly love to be a part of the music production process. Although I may not be musically inclined, I still believe that I can do my part in advancing the musical scene forward. I hope to be able to do this, by providing musicians and DJs with the software they require. These individuals should be able to download the software needed, without taking out a bank loan and I hope to make this a possibility in the nearTom future!

Not only do I believe that this will help musicians and DJs of all skill levels, but also I strongly believe that it’ll advance the music scene by leaps and bounds. If this is a possibility, I aim to find out and make it happen.

You may wonder why anyone would put together such a website. I truly believe that giving is better than receiving. As the old saying goes, sharing is caring and I truly care about starving musicians, who just need a helping hand to really establish themselves in the mainstream. If my assistance can help your music in any shape or form, I will feel great! With this in mind, I encourage you to check back often and take full advantage of the softwares and plugins found on my site!