addictive drums download

Addictive drums download

XLN AUDIO Addictive Drums download for free

It is not often that the name of the program accurately describes how fun and easy something is to use, but the XLN AUDIO Addictive Drums has it right when it says that this program is addictive. This is something that you will truly enjoy, whether you are a drum enthusiast or not. You will find yourself spending hours creating beats and just “jamming” out to your creations. It is absolutely amazing. Addictive drums download links on our site are all free, not restirected for premium users only. You can download even if you don’t pay a penny. For faster download you can upgrade to premium, but its optional. Addictive drums vst is a really great plugin I highly recommend it for everyone. Below you can read a short overview of Addictive drums VST.

This is a powerful program that is fun and easy to use. You don’t have to have any idea how drum patterns or setups work to be able to enjoy it. It is just fun to play with, and you will be amazed at the great beats you can generate.

This program has baddictive drums downloadeen out for eight years now, and has quickly established itself as one of the very best to get. It took some time to catch on, but now it is the program that most feel is the perfect addition to creating the drum patterns they are looking for. You can download XLN AUDIO Addictive Drums for free, and you will see how truly amazing it is to use. There are many great reasons to love the XLN AUDIO Addictive Drums, including…

Flexible for Your Needs – the first thing that you will appreciate about this program is that you can get what you want. This isn’t a one size fits all idea where you have to take drum sets and patterns that you don’t want. You can simply buy and download whatever kits and drum grooves you really like and roll with it. With each plugin you purchase the interface for that kit comes for free and it is extremely easy to install.

Massive Library Available to You – there are some complaints that the library to the XLN AUDIO Addictive Drums is just too large to truly enjoy. There is no doubt that this is a massive program with a large library, but that is part of what makes it so great. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by this in any way. You can simply choose the features and effects, kits, and beats that you want to keep the library a lot less cumbersome. You can download XLN AUDIO Addictive Drums for free and see how amazing this program truly is.

Added Sounds Really Add to Program – if the drum pieces were not good enough on their own, the addition of other sounds to the library has made this program even more enjoyable. There are additional effects that add white noise, kicks, and snares if you wish to make the track even wilder if that is what you are looking for. You can read another great review of addictive drums VST here.


  • Powerful program that is user friendly and easy to use.
  • New drum kits added.
  • The browser is easy to use to find kits and beats.
  • The interface makes the use of the program easy to do the things you have on your mind.
  • Addictive drums download links are free


  • Very limited bleed options available
  • There is no onboard sequencing available for users.


It’s far too ofteaddictive drums free downloadn the case that you take advantage of a free download like our download of XLN AUDIO Addictive Drums only to find that it’s absolutely packed full of freeware software. However, that couldn’t be further from the case with this free download. We’ve fully tested the software to make sure that it complies with standards for your computer use.

Plus, obtaining the software is pretty easy too. There’s no surveys to fill in, all you have to do is hit download and you’ll be able to get started with Addictive Drums VST. Below you can see Addictive drums download links, if you are a free user you have to download them one by one, once every part is downloaded you can extract and install the software. However if you are a premium user just click on the Addcitve Drums download links and download as many as you want in the same time. No waiting time, no advertisements, no speed restrictions. Enjoy!

In order to successfully extract the rar files and install the software, you need to
download every single part ( 12) rar parts in this case). If you need more help regarding download&install please check the “how to download” page or message us via contact form.

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