Best DAW 2015 – The Top Five

Exploring The Best DAW 2015 Options For Serious Musicians

Best DAW 2015

As a musician, who truly wishes to distinguish him or her self from the masses, it is downright imperative to invest in a reliable digital audio workstation. DAW software and their features can be immensely diverse, but the enormous benefits provided are widely recognized by all veteran musicians. Within this guide, you will find a quick breakdown of the best DAW 2015 software for musicians of all skill levels.

5.Avid Pro Tools 12

Avid Pro Tools is undeniably one of the most well received DAWs on the market. The software provides the musician with over 77 effects and plugins, which will give them the ability to personalize their music to no end. The 64-bit software delivers an immensely powerful performance, while putting much less strain on your computer. As the name suggests, Avid Pro Tools 12 is designed for professionals. Those new to audio recording and editing will need to put in a bit of diligence becoming familiar with the software. However, once you do, you’ll fall in love with the software’s enormous features and fluidity.

4.Logic Pro X 

Mac users, who are scouring the market for the potential best DAW 2015, will definitely want to glance towards Logic Pro X. The software delivers a comprehensive recording studio, without breaking the bank. The software offers an abundance of unique plug-ins and sounds, which will undeniably satisfy every musician, regardless of their musical genre. Those that have already familiarized themselves with GarageBand will have little to no difficulty making the transition to the much more powerful and extensive Logic Pro X.

3.FL Studio 12

FL Studio 12 is comprehensive and its features are massively diverse. It has been enhanced for over 18 years and has never been better. Musicians of all genres will easily be able to utilize the FL Studio software to manipulate their music to their heart’s content, until they’re able to achieve the precise sound they desire. One of the top reasons FL Studio 12 is one of the best DAWs on the market is its lifetime free updates! The software is already easily affordable, yet the continuous updates definitely elevate its value substantially.

With FL Studio’s detachable windows, you’ll easily be able to arrange and use the software, as you desire. It is truly your music your way!

2.Steinberg Cubase

If you’re looking for extensive and incredibly versatile music production software, you should most certainly check out Steinberg’s Cubase. The software is available in three individualized packages, which guarantees you’ll be able to find a variety that satisfies your needs, while also fitting your budget. The workflow and ease of use provided by Cubase are most likely its best features.

With the latest version’s enhanced recording workflow and MediaBay Racks, you’ll be able to enhance your productivity, while achieving the exact sound you desire.

1.Ableton Live 9

Although Ableton Live 9 may be a little costlier than the alternatives, it packs a punch that cannot be found anywhere else. The software comes with 23 sound libraries, 10 instruments and 41 effects. The combination ensures you’ll be able to find everything you need to enhance your music to perfection and then some. With the software’s impressive time-stretching and effortless arranging capabilities, the musician will be able to produce, capture and record their music, without any difficulties whatsoever.

For added versatility, the software is compatible with a massive array of controllers and instruments, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing anything additionally.


All in all, each of the DAWs above is truly fantastic. By finding the one that offers the features and price you desire, you will be able to enhance your music substantially and truly personalize your sound.

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