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Avid Pro tools free download

Pro tools free download.The king of DAWs.

pro tools free download

Avid Pro Tools 11 has become one of the most popular softwares for music composers.Thats why many people looking for pro tools free download,paying 500$ for a software is not an option for many people. It comes from a reputable brand with an exquisite notoriety in musical instruments and products. Composers and remixers – both amateurs and professionals – have the possibility to take their work to a brand new level with this advanced music software. But then, it does pay off to do your homework before diving in. Make sure that you know what you expect from this experience, not to mention considering the capabilities of this program. So, what are the most important things to know about it? What can it actually do for you?

Who Avid Pro Tools 11 Is for

It is used by both underground artists and huge producers. Underground artists use it for the relatively accessible price, not to mention the flexibility and mobility of this program. On the other hand, you might be surprised to find out that world renowned names also rely on it – from Dr. Dre and Skrillex to Owl City and Timbaland. The software can be used on more platforms and operating systems as well – Apple, MacBook, iMac, MacBook Pro, Windows and others. Its uses are countless.

Metering and Offline Bouncing Features

The metering system has “suffered” an immense upgrade. The new software can take a wide plethora of standards, such as PPM, K and VU in the attempt to match up with modern requirements. The resolution in channel meters is way higher, but channels are also 1/3 taller. Each channel is split into mini meters for better results. Besides, 11HD features provide access to gain reduction for each dynamics plug-in. The good news is that it makes no difference what system you use. Whether you use a classic computer or a Mac, results and operation will be identical. The computer alternative for the previous version was not so versatile.

When it comes to offline bouncing, this feature will simply impress you. According to the developer, offline bouncing works about 150 times faster than in real time. As a direct consequence, you are free to come up with more multiple outputs at the same time. The upgrade cancels the only minus this program had in front of its competition. Even if you implement instruments or sounds from libraries with 96 voices at once, offline bouncing is simply flawless. Forget about clicks or dropouts as they will no longer bother you.

Recording and Editing Capabilities

In terms of recording, Avid Pro Tools 11 does not come with too many upgrades. This feature became a front runner in the eighth version and not much has improved since then. With all these, it feels a bit more complicated than other programs. You have too many details to take care of, as well as minor elements. For instance, you will go crazy switching cursor tools over and over again. Many other sequencers do not have such requirements, especially for simple operations like working on the MIDI notes. The good news is that you have a combination tool. It might take a while to get used to it though.

The score editor is not new at all. If you have used Sibelius, you will recognize it. Sibelius was purchased by Avid almost 10 years ago. Therefore, you can export your work in .sib files too.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the mixing window though. This window has absolutely each of your tracks in one place. You work just like a professional with that mixing board style design. It is as close as possible to the real thing too. Besides, no other program allows working on handles, sends and returns like Avid Pro Tools 11. Basically, you can handle and work on pretty much any parameter over you track, regardless of its location.Pro tools free download is a very popular search term,still wondering why?

avid pro tools 11 download

Interface and Graphics

Whether you have used other versions of this program before or this is the first time you use Avid Pro Tools 11, chances are you will get used to it in no time. It looks overwhelming at first with so many buttons on the main screen. After all, you got two windows and each of them has its own specs – editing and mixing. Once you get to use it and play with it a few times, you will instantly figure yourself how to work on your art. The editing window allows you to deal with MIDI, audio editing, arranging and recording. It allows a deep grade of customization and is perfectly detailed. Whether you want to edit a sample or just comp a few songs together, these things are done before you even realize it.

Plugins and Tricks

There are more than 70 plug-ins in Avid Pro Tools 11. You got all kinds of effects and processing features, not to mention the audio library. It is known as Big Fish Audio and requires more than 8GB of memory for thousands of sounds – drums, pianos, organs, speakers, voices and so on. It makes no difference how childish or serious you want your songs to be. If you are new, you will go nuts on it, as you barely know what to choose first. Furthermore, do not overlook the AIR effects either. They are excellent in covering major bases while mixing.Pro tools free download links are often deleted by hosters because avid doesnt want to give away this masterpiece for free.Users often get the error message when they use pirated versions:”pro tools 11 error installing required components to the system”.Working legit version of Pro tools 11 patch is extremly rare,most website just upload the installer without working patch and crack files.

With these ideas in mind, the degree of customization has never been more advanced. Avid Pro Tools 11 knows what it takes to be a general software for both newbies and experts.


  • Clean and intuitive operation
  • New metering system
  • Full control
  • Works on more operating systems and platforms
  • Ideal for both newbies and professionals
  • Impressive audio library
  • pro tools free download is available already!


  • Still misses the pitch correction
  • No presets for instrument tracks
  • ilok for pro tools


In the end, there are no doubts that Avid Pro Tools 11 has pushed the quality bar a bit farther. It is way more robust and reliable than the previous versions, but it is also versatile. It can be used on more platforms without sacrificing performance or quality, so it becomes an excellent choice for every musician out there.

Pro tools free download:

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