sonivox wobble free download

Sonivox Wobble free download

Sonivox Wobble is the newest synthesizer program from Sonivox. This newest iteration provides a powerful synthesis that makes the viewing of the controls and the interface easy to use, and a snap to make changes. You will be modifying sounds a lot easier than you imagined as its Pattern Generator gives you the ability the quickly call the grime-style sounds with the time-shifting wobble. Due to the high demand Sonivox Wobble free download is available on our site. Just like every other software its also completely free. Below you can read a short introduction of this great vst.

sonivox wobble free downloadThis program is tabbed to “sharpen your sonic skills,” and you can be sure that it will do just that. You will have the ability to add a massive number of different sounds. There are incredible on screen controls that make its use easy, and the modulation of the program is something that few can match. You will love the many features and innovations that are available, including…


Easy to Learn Modules – many programs offer great tools and innovations for you to be able to use, but unless you already know how to use the program or have time to sit trying out everything they can become very frustrating. The Sonivox Wobble comes with an amazing MIDI learning mode that allows you to understand how to properly use the controls. The learning modes are very detailed in their explanation, but are not insulting in the way that information is taught.

The Great Wobble 2 Pattern Generator – what makes the Sonivox Wobble so great is that it can be as simple or sophisticated as you need. The Wobble 2 pattern generator has all the feel of a traditional step-sequencer, something many who have used music editing programs are familiar with. However, it advances to become an incredible tool for sonic creation. You will not only be able to have greater control over such things as the pitch and velocity, but the pattern generator has a set of tabs that provide tools that can give you much more precise control of the parameters of the sound creation. You will be able to do such things as filter and widen the frequency of each channel, change the rate, depth, and tempo of the LFO, and create totally wild sounds that will even leave you a little awed. You can download Sonivox Wobble and give it a try to see how amazing this is.

Effects You’ll Love – there is an incredible onboard chorus that is top of the line, and you will love the reverb effects you can get with the Sonivox Wobble. You can make great modifications to specific channels, and do amazing things to the tempo of your track. You can read another review of Wobble here.


  • Great pattern generator makes use easy and effective
  • Ability to generate unusual sounds can make your files much more edgy.
  • The MIDI controller is easy to setup and use.
  • Sonivox Wobble free download is available without even registering


  • The sound generator can be a bit confusing to use.
  • The hidden preset parameters were a silly idea.

Sonivox Wobble free download

If you are looking to really do some innovative things with your tracks, this is the program for you. Plus, the fact that you download it free right here makes it both cheap and convenient. You’ll struggle to find a piece of software that offers such a comprehensive range of features as Sonivox Wobble and now you can take advantage of it for the price of $0.


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