gladiator vst plugin

Tone2 Gladiator Vst free download

Tone2 Gladiator vst plugin free download

Gladiator vst free download

Tone2 has always been known for creating some of the best plugin programs available today, but they have outdone themselves with Gladiator vst. This incredible synthesizer has become a game changer as it has left the competition in the dust. Tone2 Gladiator vst free download comes with Gladiator vst crack and everything you need to be able to activate it.

Tone2 Gladiator is a near perfect creation. The v2 update handled all the little pet peeves that people had with v1, and is the kind of upgrade that should cause a lot more people to open up their wallets and pocket books to buy this incredible cross-platform synthesizer. Its ability to work in both VST and AU formats, makes it the perfect choice for virtually all consumers.

Gladiator 2 vst plugin has undergone some serious alterations from the previous version, and the changes that really have made a difference. There are many new menus that give users greater functionality, and they will find the interface much easier to use.

So what’s new in Gladiator vst plugin?

Pan Knobs – The mix section has been changed greatly, to include a quartet of pan knobs that allows for semi and fine tune controls. This gives the users a much great degree of control over the quality produced and makes the Osc 5 module even better than before.

New Waveforms – Added to the v2 synthesizer are 25 new waveforms that can be used as a sub-oscillator. This really gives the patches and additions an even more enhanced sound quality and makes the overall feel of the application much better than can be imagined.

EQ Section – the old EQ section was far too intrusive and needed an overhaul. This is what is found in v2. Despite the reduction in size, no functionality was lost at all. The decrease in size of the EQ simply made more room for an incredible feedback delay module, which is able to morph echoes and gives great filter delay effects. This feedback has the added bonus of being able to tie directly to incoming MIDI controller messages, which grants the user real-time control.

Sound Quality – One of the major enhancements of the v2 edition is that the sound quality has been improved greatly. It is not just the improved presets that make this better, but the fact of how the quality of sound produced is so much better than the prior edition. The glitches that were found in version 1 have been fixed for the most part.

The improvements over version 1 are outstanding, but the Tone2 Gladitor v2 synthesizer has many of the same great features or simply adds better quality in many areas over version 1. Some of the features include:

Effects – If a person is looking for a very impressive reverb that provides outstanding quality sound, they will not find a better combination than in the Gladiator. With 37 different stereo effects there are a great many options to gain the sound quality that you are looking for, including reverb, delays, flanger, phaser, chorus, bitcrusher, and much more.

Sounds – The expansion banks offer a much larger number of varying sounds that can be included or used in the Gladiator 2. It comes with over 1100 preset sounds, but expansion packs allow for an increase in the number making it the ideal product to be able to enhance any kind of recording. The sounds are categorized within the system, making it very easy to locate and use. If you decide to download Gladiator vst from our site It comes with soundbank.

Phase Modulator – Including the latest in scientific research on the subject of sound quality, the phase modulator module is ahead of its time. This makes the quality of sound perfect and the manner in which the synthesizer works mimics the manner in which a human ear works. This makes it so that the quality of sound is made to be true to the human experience, and thus a better performance standard over other products.

Support – while many may understand how to use the Tone2 Gladiator 2 quite easily, there are going to be many who are in need of a little assistance. That is no problem. The support for the product is exceptional and is even available for those who download Tone2 Gladiator as a free trial to test drive it before deciding on a purchase. The support staff is experienced and knows how to assist you no matter what issue you may be having. You will be hard pressed to find a group that is more helpful that this one.


  • Cross-platform application works in both PC and Mac operating systems and with VST and AU formats.
  • Very easy to program and to adjust to fit your needs.
  • The cost for what is offered with the Tone2 Gladiator synthesizer is well worth it.
  • The Gladiator has the ability to support 18 oscillators per voice with an incredible 4x stereo unison.
  • Editing and waveshaping abilities make it second to none.
  • Works with touchscreen computers


  • Some glitches found in version 1 are found in the v2 edition.
  • Many features appear on the screen but are not functional unless you purchase the expansion pack.
  • Gladiator vst free download links are often deleted because the plugin owner report them
  • It doesn’t work without Gladiator vst crack
  • gladiator vst plugin

Tone2 Gladiator vst free download

Gladiator vst is a premium synthesizer application that is perfect for anyone looking to do some real sound enhancement and generation. This product gives users the ability to make a wide variety of edits and additions to files plus, with the expansion pack, that ability gets even better.

For those who are unsure about making such a purchase, the Tone2 Gladiator vst free download is available for you to try out and see for yourself how amazing this product is. That’s a completely free and safe  download that you can keep forever it also comes with gladiator vst crack. With that in mind, there’s little reason why not to take advantage of Gladiator vst plugin and its great features.

The software packet provides you with features and sound effects that make this product the industry leader, and you will find that it is the ideal program for you whether you are on a standard PC or a MAC computer. Its ability to integrate the two primary sound formats makes it the ideal choice for any musician or engineer.

The improvements have made this a superior product, and with its ability to be malleable in how the user can change settings to fit his or her needs, this is the program that all must have. For Gladiator vst free download click on the links and download them one by one. Once all the download finished extract the rar files with winrar(or any other extractor software) and install the plugin. Gladiator vst crack is separated in a different folder, please read the instructions how to you it. Do not worry, its very easy.

In order to successfully extract the rar files and install the software, you need to
download every single part ( 8 rar parts in this case). If you need more help regarding download&install please check the “how to download” page or message us via contact form.

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